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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  December 21, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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a cool and crisp morning. i'm adam may filling in for don scott. we have weather and traffic. let's go to marty t looks like the eclipse is gone. >> it does. welcome back. last night it was cool. the sun sat and it turned around. it will be the same thing. and the moon sat 180 degrees, the sunrise and we had a full eclipse. we have great pictures.
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skies cleared out. could you not have asked for better conditions. and 27. 35 and a high of 37. 28 this evening. take it away. >> thank you. and sharon is in traffic control. we hear there are a couple of accidents. >> we picked up a couple. and you want to watch f you are traveling at 175, does not seem to be slowing down too much. the second crash, a vehicle into a pole there on duton avenue at overhill road. two water main breaks. north and chester street and patterson park. one lane gets by in each direction. and southbound york road. only the center lane is getting by there. there could be ice left on the
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road from the water that put out the fire. and work and washington avenue. taking a look outside. 29 at 108. running smoothly and everything is looking good. on 95 at white marsh. and we're always on. for traffic log on to thank you. when you send your kids to school you assume they will be safe but there is a story out of bel air that landed a teacher in jail. we have the latest. andrea? >> reporter: good morning to you. mark hyzer, jr., is in custody, he is accused of having sexual relations with a minor. the 25-year-old mark hyzer jr. is a teacher. now season facing child sex abuse charges. police say that deputies found him with a boy in a parked car over the weekend. and the collects were disshe -- their clothes were
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disshevelled. >> this is a serious situation, they have to do more collects on teachers. on a yearly basis. >> he teaches here at beechfield school. parents were concerned that the school did not notify them immediately. >> i'm concerned about that, we were not notified of his arrest for the children's sake, we may have children that were here that was, you know, molested in a way. i'm concerned about that.
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>> and we received this statement. the public schools has been informed that mark hyzer, jr., a elementary teacher, was arrested over the weekend for inappropriate contact with a 15- year-old male. according to the protocal, the teacher has been placed on leave. >> now they are not saying how he knew the boy he was caught with. and wjz went to his apartment where no one answered. >> thank you for that. thank you. he is the second baltimore school employee to be charged with a sex crime involving a minor so far this year. baltimore city police could be getting a bit closer to proving that a deadly house fire was set on purpose. ellison mccall died in the front room of the home on the 1400 block of homestead street. police say that the information from witnesses now led them to believe that the fire was set on purpose but they're not saying more about the investigation. it is the first deadly arson since 2006.
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a woman is found murdered, wrapped in plastic and police are trying to find the person responsible. karen farle was reported missing days went by and then family members spelled a strong odor coming from her home and they found her in the basement. >> the front door was open. so, naturally they came to me. they had a lot of questions. we're trying to find out what is going on. why? >> they did not find trauma on the body so the medical examiner is trying to determine the cause of death. they are not naming any suspects. a show girl who moved from baltimore a couple of years ago is missing this morning but there is new information that may track her down or someone who may know something about it. she has not been seen in more than a week. her mother says that she got a text message from her daughter two days before she went missing. that text said, quote n case there is an emergency with me contact blu grittive in vegas. he is an exboyfriend. she was a former red skips
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cheerleader. marc riders are hoping for an easier commute one day after several trains were delayed and others canceled. kai jackson has what caused the problems and why some are fed up. >> reporter: the rush hour came to a halt on monday and people were grinding their neath frustration after a train leaving baltimore for washington, dc broke down about 6:30 a.m. >> this morning's train stopped right impacted trains going both northbound and southbound. >> the power loss caused the breakdown south of penn station. the problem is that it happened with an older model train. the power was restored at 8:30, nearly two hours after the trains were delayed or canceled. but for some, the damage was done. >> you think they could get you
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information. i mean it's not classified. >> and our trains are breaking down but i think they're workington very hard and make sure we get better service. >> this follows the release of the report on train 538 which broke down over the summer and was a public relations nightmare for the agency. so the latest breakdown is not helping riledder confidence. >> there were a lot of breakdowns over the summer. we hope that it is more reliable but it doesn't work out that way. >> the mta said damaged lines caused monday's electrical problem. back to you. >> thank you. it is estimated more than 1 out 160 marc trains have been running late this year. >> the university of maryland says goodbye to its head football coach. and it was announced that ralph friedgen has been fired. the good us in he is going to be paid the remaining $2 million of his contract. the school says the dismissal is a business decision and the athletic director hopes that changing coaches will energize the fan base. >> the decision i reached about the decision forward and solidifying our coaching staff
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and recruiting efforts for the long term. >> he will coach the last game against east carolina. a coach mike leach has been named as a replacement. let's go to monday night football where the bears have clinched the north. they faced off at the university of minnesota with repairs to the metrodome. after not practicing all week, the quarterback returned from a shoulder injury only to get
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knocked out of the game in the second quarter. a bad hit there. devin hesterrer broke a record with his punt return for a touchdown. they won that with a employee out 40-14. the ravens hit the road. you can watch it here on wjz news. they will kick off against the browns in cleveland at 1:00. that's followed by the special most game coverage. looking out your window you may have seen this. check it out it was at 2:30 that there was a total ease clips. the moon slid into the shadow. during the time it appeared to change color force a bit from light gray to orange and deep red. they were checking it out across the state. it is the first time it has fallen on the same day as the winter solstice. as marty has been pointing out the days will get one minute longer. spring 90 days away. >> just -- it will be like a starving man waiting for water to boil to throw shrimp in. [ laughter ] >> it will seem like an eternity. but in the spring it is the new season. >> and the shortest day of the year. >> i want to talk about mike ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> let's do a compromise and say noon on christmas, we may start to see the snow fall and none the less. and we'll see snow on christmas day and this+++ weather and the end of the snow if it happens, it will. and 32 is the high on sunday. and take it away.
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>> we have two accidents and southbound at 175. and the parkway the second crash and overhill road a vehicle into a poll there between chester and patterson park. and one in each direction and the center lane getting by because of a break. and taking a live look outside it is getting busier but no delays there. nothing on 29 at 108 or 95 at white marsh. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. quality cars and trucks. >> how are you doing. >> starting off. my mom and dad over the fire
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house seeing that great train there. and the fire museum and rob williams. >> and get bored and a great place to bring them out. and it is the third largest in the world. we have a place where. the guard is in its # 0th year. let's talk the history of the train garden in baltimore started when and where? >> the first was in 1917 on guilford. it grew and had their own fire train gardens. but then and 1939 it became a public safety issue, they could
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not get the engines out and the chief killed it. >> too many people, they could not get it out. in 1959 they started up again but a few houses so our train garden here represents what it was like in 1959 and on ward. >> we'll move over here, tom will look, you have a great exhibit here and this is
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amazing, adam and marty, listen to this be, this was engine number 8. >> this is house 8. and. >> it is the, it was the actual fa said that was on we have reconstructed it here on the complete first floor and here at the fire museum. and they can come in and pull a hose newspaper the tower and they can see how the horses left the stage and stable and out here. we're out the door in 90 seconds. that is amazing, that is great, i want to give you a great web site. if you love the train gardens it is wvm and that stands for washington, virginia maryland gardens. and that lists almost all of the train gardens that you click on the if you love the garden goes there on the web. and tomorrow we'll be at the volunteer fire department, we'll take a look at the train garden. ron. yes. >> one of the viewers. it did it cool. if mike leach is the head coach you cannot see it and someone
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took a skull and cross bones and cross swords. >> put it on the flight. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> isn't that great. i can see the cheerleaders running out on the field right now. that's why. >> and call the wenches. all right, guys. >> and the terps saying goodbye. >> and a bandana and eye patch. >> have a great one. >> we're taking a break with more of the us in morning edition. ,,,,,,,,,,
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going green did you know that you can save the environment at the same time. we have some ideas on how you can be an energy saver. >> reporter: good morning, more than six million americans work from home that saves energy by cutting out the commute but may increase your energy bill. people who work from home should slug all their printers and fax machines into a smart strip t turns off the power when not in use for more than an hour. and energy star labeled computer uses 70% less. the desk top computers enter a
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sleep mode saving you more. trying to help you be an energy saver. >> thank you. for more information go to and click on the special section right there on the home page. still to come on the morning edition... >> a school teacher is in jail for having sexual relations with a minor. what do the parents at his school have to say this morning? a live report coming up. if you are just about to head out the door we have learned there are lanes blocked because of the accident. we'll give you that in a moment. now to marty. it is a deep movie where parents deal with the loss of
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their child t ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a tuesday morning for everyone and the lunar eclipse was gone. and filling in for don scott and weather and traffic together. and the up dated numbers. the sky is clear that moon is setting. and in the west and getting that atmospheric distortion t is looking big. and the sun will be rising. and it will be great. we have pictures, lot of viewers of the eclipse, we'll have those for you and let's take a look and clear skies and
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passing and clouds, temperatures in the 20s. and 35 at lunch. this evening. >> thank you. and sharon is at traffic control with a update on a situation. >> good morning, we have two issues working and 95 southbound and we have a problem a disabled vehicle on to the update, we have a few accidents and southbound 175. that should be clearing up in a moment. and that one is now blocking all lanes at duton avenue. you will want to take rolling road a vehicle into a pole there. two water main breaks north avenue between chester and patterson. and another water main break and only the center lane gets by there. some minor delays on the west side of the beltway. we can take a look at the top side at providence road. at full speed there.
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and we have fine quality cars and toyota moving forward. thank you. topping the us in, a baltimore city teacher is behind bars and police have caught him they claimed with a 15-year-old boy in a sex act. we're live at school headquarters with that. good morning, andrea. >> good morning to you, over the weekend some residents reported a suspicious car in their neighborhood. police found the teacher with a boy. the 25-year-old mark hyzer is a teacher. now he is facing child sex abuse charges. police say that the deputies found him with a boy in a parked car in a neighborhood over the weekend. the clothes were disshevelled and they were involved in a sex act. he faces sex offense charges. >> this is a serious situation, they have to do more checks on teachers, on a yearly basis. >> he teaches here at beechfield school in baltimore
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city. parents were concerned that the school did not notify them immediately. >> i'm concerned about that, we were not notified of his arrest at least for the children's sake. we may have them that were here that was you know molested in a way. i'm concerned about that. >> and wjz news received this statement, the schools has been informed that mark hyzer, jr., a teacher, was arrested over the weekend for alleged inappropriate contact with a 15- year-old male. according to protocal, the teacher has been placed on leave. he is in custody this morning
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and police are not releasing how he met the boy he was caught with. adam, back to you. >> he is the second baltimore school employee to be charged with a sex crime involving a minor this year. the clock is ticking on captiol hill for congress to pass a bill that will provide medical relief to the first responders of 9-11. we have the latest for wjz news. >> reporter: the first responders who were sick at ground zero are taking their fight to washington. >> and this is a no brainer. the rally at the white house and captiol hill urging congress to pass a bill that provides billions of dollars for the health care. a version of the measure passed the house but failed to get a vote in the senate this month.
6:36 am
>> it is a lot of money and my -- my early response is that i'm sceptical about the bill. >> reporter: now that the lawmakers trimmed the final price tag and pay for it, supporters believe they have the votes to get it done. >> the people that answer the call after september 11th were only gated to pass the bill for them. >> reporter: the house and senate need to approve the bill before the new congress convenes next month or else it is back to the drawing board. 14,000 first responders are living with illnesses they contracted after inhaling the dust at the world trade centre site. >> i remember him coming home covered in it. >> reporter: and her husband and passage now is too late. a police officer, robert spent months at the site. in four years he had cancer. within six years he was dead at 43. >> it was devastating especially for such a great man who up until the end said to me, i just want to get better so i can go back to work. >> reporter: the hope now is that congress will act soon to help those who help the country when it needed it most. in washington. >> another vote is expected later on today, possibly
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tomorrow. the responders who traveled to washington say they will stay there as long as it ta takes. it has been a point of controversy, the rotating
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closures of fire houses. now there is a change after several deadly fires, the fire department announced it is reducing the closures from 3 to 2. and the officials do say that the closures have not hampered the response but the president of the union questions the closures and the threat to safety. >> there have been some cases where it would not have mattered. we have been able to point out a number of occurrences, for example, that the nearest company that it was dispatched for a non-breathing person was probably the 7th new company in the area. not too long ago and the closest radder company was closed. >> now the city wants to make sure people have working fire alarms. call 396-save if you need a detector. more cuts could be coming to the public schools across maryland. the budget secretary is proposing cutting funding by 5%. it is to help balance the state budget. the cut would save the state more than $200 million. now maryland is facing a more than $1 billion short fall for the fiscal year. >> the u.s. coast guard works tirelessly trying to keep the water safe. now they are asking for your help. and a little piece of technology could go a long way to save lives. >> whether in the air or on the water every moment is critical during a rescue. why the officers are pushing boaters to save time. and they should buy two devices for a boat. >> it is an emergency position indicating radio beacon. >> and a plb for a boater. >> it is a beacon for individual use. >> and registering them on line by phone or fax just as important as getting one. the process stores information into a database. >> with knowing with a we're looking for, size of the boat, description and gives us contact information to contact the family and friends.
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>> if the device is registered and activated they can respond in minutes but if not it could take hours or days. >> seconds can make a difference when you take into account the weather that we had in december, cold water. >> reporter: calls are sent out with a signal but without a registered beacon. the message becomes lost on the way to control centers. and delaying search and rescue efforts. they range from 200 to $1000. >> what is the value of your life is important to think about so with this time of year, the holidays, that's a great gift for family and friends to give a boater. >> since the registration process started in the late 180s, they have saved 22,000 lives. you can buy them at a variety of supply stores. toys r us is trying to attract last-minute shoppers. the store will stay open for 88
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give credit where it is due quickly, we're talking about the new head coach of maryland, mike leach. >> a pirate fan. >> a fanatic. >> and a guy, kind of photo shopped this for us the new maryland flag. his name is lucas. he deserves credit on that. check it out. >> cool. >> credit where it is due. i want to talk weather. we have got a calm day. we're in between the lows, the big powerful one there and gave us all that a few days ago. a issue, there is another one bringing that foul weather and football it is really dying out even as we speak t is running into the cold flow. and it is pretty much a dissipating, however, having said that, we're watching another area of low pressure that's going to want to come in christmas day and give snow.
6:42 am
the american computer model and the european computer model disagree on timing. we'll discuss that during the weather segment. today, breezy, clouds, high of 37. actor aaron echhard has a new movie out with nicole kidman, rabbit hole, it is a movie about losing a child. we'll talk about that but we decided to google him, keith urban is living big. we googled him and what we came up with is great. it is funny and a great interview. we'll talk about it. we have traffic control and weather and more coming up.
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okay it is 27 degrees now. and the barometer is 30 inches. 25 in hagerstown and 18 oakland
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and 30 in dc and 28, 29 ocean city. still 27 in westminster and columbia. 28 and 30 rock hall. here is the in between area between the lows that we were talking about. on the computer over the next couple of days we see high pressure building in behind that weakening low and reinforcing cold air over the area. having side that i showed you the graphic of that low we're watching. now let me go ahead and bring in the forecast. i'll explain that to you saturday. clouds today. 37 it remains cold but actually kind of calm. partly cloudy. 22 and tomorrow we'll say partly cloudy with a high of 38. excuse me i get choked up talking about snow. and on -- on christmas day. here is how it is squaring away. the european american computer models ageez there is a low coming trying to spread the snow t can be from friday night ending sunday about noon. what we're doing is we're splitting the difference in saying that sometime around
6:47 am
noon on saturday a snow fall could start christmas day and a couple of inches worth of snow. this forecast will evolve over the next few days. you understand there is a window of opportunity for a white christmas. 36 will be the high and clear skies out on sunday, 32. adam, take it away. >> the dream could come true. sharon is at traffic control with a update on the roads. >> good morning to you. a few issues out there if you are headed out for the commute. we have a disabled vehicle and southbound at washington boulevard, could you see the speed sensors there. it's not slowing down. a new accident a pedestrian and warren avenue and an accident blocking duton avenue. that's closed between frederick road, take rolling road. a water main break on north avenue between chester street and patterson park.
6:48 am
that's blocking the center lane. a live look that's the top side of the beltway t is pretty there and traffic is moving
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there. and 50 running smoothly at sandy point. there is a look out there. you splay to tap your breaks. and we have fine quality cars and trucks. buy right the first time you will save in the long run. back to you. coffee withwith aaron eckhard. >> welcome to the eyewitness us in morning edition. great to have you here, brother. >> thank you that's correct was a -- that was a stilted round of applause. >> truncated. [ laughter ] >> and a few round of applause. >> are those actual people? >> they were. >> that's the -- hold that. one time we had jimmy buffet on. he said the indoor lawn. it has been the indoor lawn since. >> we'll get to the movie here in a second. i was doing an internet search and see some of the other stuff on we know batman and thank you for smoking, but what i got on the search, you know how it suggests an alter nate -- alternate search t is shirtless. >> my god. >> you got a lot of choices. >> you have a lot of choices here, dude. square we brought it up. there is nothing. >> don't bother. >> it is okay.
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>> no, no, seriously, this is unbelievable. >> i mean normally you would think that, okay, here is -- >> here is pam anderson shirtless. >> you have others beat. [ laughter ] >> what is going on with you? >> i'm totally unaware of it. i didn't know i took it off so much. >> but you have me... [ laughter ] >> from love happens. >> are there any i don't have pants on? >> we didn't do pantless t is a family show. [ laughter ] >> i swear we'll get to rabbit hole in a second. pantless. let's see, i swear to you. let's see. >> holy cow, look at this. wait a minute, listen, the first one is from hunky male nude photos, naked. >> i don't think we ought to go there. [ laughter ] >> what is going on? >> haven't you googled that. >> hey, hey, everyone has a past. >> that's true. >> and no kidding. [ laughter ] >> and we all have to make a living. >> we do. but have you googled yourself and looked at it? >> no. i'm not crazy. i don't google myself i barely watch my movies, does it bother you to watch? >> yes, i have not seen a lot of them. >> is it a matter that you are so close you have done them you want to put it behind you? i didn't like watching myself on tv. >> i don't either.
6:51 am
>> you just -- you overanallize and critical and, you know i just -- you hope that you are better than you actually are. >> amen, i understand that. let's talk about the movie, rabbit hole, you may want to watch this, this is one of your strongest roles, would you agree with that? >> it's a great story and it is emotionally charged. it is with nicole kidman. she is an an act your that can act. i would have to agree with you. >> it is draining, when you are done with this project, are you drained. are you in it that deeply on different levels? >> yes, i was -- it was a good six-week shoot. thank goodness it was short. i drove my car across country and took my time. >> have to get away from it. >> it will be a movie people will walk out and give the
6:52 am
audience a 15-second synopsis. >> a married couple who are surviving and dealing with the loss of their son. that's it. >> it is a heavy movie. we do the news, we hear this in real time daily. when your agent comes to you and wants you to do a project this intense, everyone has to work as you said, but do you have to think i want to get involved in this? >> you have to be prepared and know for six weeks you are going to a place that's uncomfortable and painful but, again, actors like to take their shirt and pants off. [ laughter ] >> you know it is par for the course. >> thank you for bringing that around. >> we have to go. you know what, youou,,,,,,,,,,,,
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let's get a update. >> let's look at the forecast. a beautiful sunrise and big full moon. almost done setting in the western sky. watches and warnings, frankly, there are none. clear skies and 37. now to sharon and traffic control. how is it going? >> good morning, not so bad as far as the congestion. we have two accidents one on
6:56 am
100 west bound. we have the accident in parkville and the pedestrian struck there. and take rolling road. and north gay at east fayette. there are the drive times. as i mentioned little congestion out there, 47 miles an hour. outer loop and 95.
6:57 am
we can take a look at top side. tough tap your breaks -- brakes there. there is the west side at the the report is brought by comcast call and ask about the triple play featuring the best in on demand. you can watch it. not available in all areas. call for details. >> thank you. stay with wjz news we have us in, weather and traffic ahead, including western weather. a ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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